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Create Your #100KMASTERPIECE By Raising Your Prices To 100k+ And Enroll Pre-Sold Premium Clients Organically Without Objections Or Sales Calls In 30 Days


Dear Agency Owner, Executive, Small Business Owner And Consultant,

This is Tabita - Founder of PioneerU™. After over a decade as a Pioneering Entrepreneur and Pioneer CEO™ of three multi-million online companies, helping my clients close anywhere from 5k to million dollar deals, there is one thing that I see all of them having in common. They only close a deal at these higher prices when they have the confidence and genuinely decided that it’s going to happen.

And for that decision to be made with unshakeable confidence, two essential key components need to be integrated:

1. You have to be 100% sold on your offer
2. Your offer needs to be in integrity with you

For you to be sold on your offer, you have to know your craft and how you deliver transformation, excellent services and experiences well. You also need to understand how you can provide the transformation and results in half the time.

For you to be in integrity with your offer, not only the integration of your Ascended Wealth Mastery™ is essential but also that you charge accordingly so you receive what you give and vice versa. That is how you are going to be able to take deep care of your own and the planetary Life-Force and can expand into the Unknown.

Like this, you don’t have to be the one holding space for your clients. You come home to deep presence and have all of creation come together to synchronize the success of your creations and your clients effortlessly.

Only then can you get paid 100k+ for your presence and access to your time where your clients experience this integrated shift in such a short period.  You no longer charge for the value you provide by solving problems with the many bonuses you add on top of your already value-packed offer.

What if you could shorten your sales cycle, so you easily enroll 100k+ premium clients without sales calls or objections?

Sounds incredible, right?

And while enrolling those clients is super important, what is even more crucial is that you are choosing the clients who get the results you promise so that your delivery rate is as good as your conversion rate - 100%.

That's a pretty high standard, I know!

There are essentially four elements that tie into achieving a 100% close rate and a 100% delivery rate.

The typical scenario our PioneerU™ clients find themselves in when they first come to us is kind of like this.

🏵 They want to start making 100k+ months consistently.

They've tried all the proven and tested methods and even went on to raise their prices, get people from a webinar on a sales call only to find out that from those prospects who haven't ghosted them most are not qualified to invest in their premium offer.

So they keep it affordable around the 3k mark.

And then offer an insane payment plan beyond the program's duration to make it an easy yes for those clients.

As per the usual online marketing strategy, they add another insane amount of bonuses on top of their value-packed offer to then discount it to the 3k to make it look like it's such a great deal.
We all know the saying - when value exceeds the price, people buy.

Unfortunately, someone came up with the idea that it might be an excellent option to create fake value to replace the real value that was supposed to be created through new market places and opportunities.

This sales tactic is survival-based and can only create fear. If you are using a sales tactic like this and you feel this constant fear.

The fear that you might get fewer clients if you charged more. Or maybe, people might be turned off if they decided to work with multiple clients simultaneously. Or charging more would hurt your business...

You can't journal or meditate it away with a positive attitude or mindset.

You have to come back in integrity with a thriving sales- and marketing approach that expands people into their highest vision.

That's what our clients always report back to us and let us know that by merely watching our content or reading the posts, they felt an expansiveness and exploring of the unknown like they never did before.

And truly felt seen, heard and supported to make the impossible possible.

🌻 That's how business should be and every client should sign on to work with you.

That's the standard and integrity we maintain in all our companies.

So here are the four elements that must be covered to shorten your sales cycle and easily enroll 100k+ clients.

1️⃣ Your offer must be in integrity with all of you and create a win-win-win opportunity (for yourself, your client and the planet).

Every person is different therefore, every offer is different. The gifts and the skills that you already possess and use in your company but are not aware need to be clearly articulated and owned. These are the skills that are making the most significant shift and bring in maximum results with minimal effort.

We always tend to forget that our clients buy "us" first before checking out our offer. Maintaining that level of integrity provides an unmistakable presence that can be received and communicated in your marketing.

2️⃣ Your offer needs to collapse the time of the delivery for your client. This is the essence of a Pioneer and why we at PioneerU™ are adamant about tracking and improving your offer/service/product, marketing, and strategy to improve continually. That's the only way you'll collapse the time of the delivery continuously, and you can confidently charge 100k+ for your presence rather than the value you provide.

Your insights save your clients years of heart-ache.

3️⃣ When you have complete clarity around what you offer, what happens each step of the way, what methods and tools you use, and the specific outcome, you can communicate it in your marketing.

The best client is not necessarily someone who is three steps behind you. Many people want to attract these higher-level clients but fail to implement #1 and #2 and then record a 90-minute video presentation that this type of client would not consume due to a lack of time.

You can not just slap a premium-price tag at your offer and think you will automatically attract a better client.

That's what many of our clients tried to do and then could not sell out their 100k+ offers. This is one of the reasons why.

4️⃣ Which leads to the last important element. Your sales process. From the first time this high-level client who is willing to pay you 100k+ on the spot is coming across you, you need to have 1,2 and 3 in place to execute on this.

If your offer is clear, does collapse time for your client, has proven results, and also explains in detail what this high-level client needs to know, you'll have no trouble closing that deal over a quick message back and forth.

That's where 90% of service-providers fail. They opt for the 30% close rate, withhold the most important part of the information that must be disclosed and lure the prospect into a sales call to then take the 30% conversion crumbs.

You can easily opt for the 100% conversion and delivery rate if you have all these elements in place and also state your prices during the sales process so that the prospect can make an informed decision.

High-level clients do not like to waste their precious time being lured into a sales call to be sold to. They sell themselves because they know what they want and go for it once they have all the relevant information.

Nora Freisberg | Musician & Potential Coach Nora Freisberg | Musician & Potential Coach

I can highly recommend Tabita's work. My life has literally transformed in three months on every level you can think of, with my art, my relationships, financially, emotionally, physically, mentally etc.. It has been an adventure & I wouldn't have been able to do this on my own. I needed Tabita's kicks in the ass and straight, loving approach. Best decision ever! (Went from € 13.- hourly wages to selling multiple 5-figures, appearing on TV and selling out her Music lessons. Congratulations!)

Robby Altwein | Business Coach Robby Altwein | Business Coach

We made the €100K month in August (the same month he joined the mastermind) thanks to your fantastic coaching Tabita. Thank you! It’s astonishing how fast this happened. Miracles are always expected now. (He then went on with a €46K week and sold his first ever €18K package. His client also made €70K after one call in his new program, that we created.) Congrats!

How We Took Robby From 10k To 100k+ Months In The First Month

Let's break down how we helped Robby that you've just read the testimonial about, achieve 100k months in the first month of working together.

When Robby and I first met, he had a strong desire to get to $100k months and cross the 7-figure year mark. He achieved both within the time of us working together.

He was used to selling $2k offers in his Facebook group with a few thousand members.
It was easy for him to enroll people in a 2k offer as a business coach.

He was able to see people's unique skills with a custom approach based on Astrology, Numerology and Skills.

And he was really good at what he did. He offered 8k packages in the past for a small mastermind that didn't sell out. He felt like it was a constant convincing and he didn't like to do sales call and felt like he needed to sell to people.

He eventually gave up trying to sell above 5k offers let alone 10k+ offers. He wasn't confident anymore that he could sell out an intimate mastermind at a 5-figure price tag without the hustle and sales calls that at best convert at 30%.

He was convinced that his current audience can't and won't invest in higher price tags then 2k. That's all they can afford is what he assumed based on his experience with higher-priced offers that didn't convert as well.

In his mind, the belief was set that he would have to work harder to attract a higher-level client who would pay 10k+ and have more sales calls to close those leads eventually.

On top of that, he wasn't to keen to offer a 12-month mastermind to justify the price. It all seemed like an awful lot of work.

Imagine his excitement and disbelief when he heard me share my offer and sales process where I enrol 20k+ clients into a 6-month offer with a 100% conversion rate and back then a Facebook group with less than 1k.

It didn't take long one livestream to be exact, and he filled out the application for my mastermind. I reviewed his application and accepted him to be a client. The call we then had was not a sales call. It was an application call where we mapped out his journey to get from 10k months to 100k months selling 18k offers.

And then we got to work. We created multi-tier offers for anyone in his audience and started marketing his highest priced offer at 18k.

But before that, we dove deep into the gifts and skills he already possessed and used in his coaching but was not aware were making the most significant shifts in his clients' life.

We looked precisely at every session and what the outcome of each session was. We removed unnecessary information and steps that didn't shorten the delivery time and created a 6-month container with an 18k price tag.

Once he saw how he would 10x the ROI within the first month of his client's investment, he was sold and reclaimed his confidence.

We also shortened the sales cycle by pre-qualifying every applicant. He only got on the phone with those he already knew were the perfect fit.

That's how we organically converted 100% of his calls from his existing audience that previously only invested 2k in his offer.

And this was the outcome in his own words: "We made the 100K month in August (the same month he joined the mastermind) thanks to your fantastic coaching Tabita. Thank you! It's astonishing how fast this happened. Miracles are always expected now." (He then went on with a 46K week and sold his first-ever 18K package. His client also made 70K after one call in his new program, that we created.) Congrats!

Shortly afterward he crossed the 7-figure mark way before our 6 months were up.

Are you interested in closing six 20k+ mastermind clients organically with a 100% conversion rate and walk away with 120k in sales this month from your existing audience without working on your mindset? 


Meeet Michael Lauria and the Mission Forging Excalibur

He is positively engaging the lives of 1 billion men around the world

"I closed a 15k deal in the first week." Lollo

Do You Know Why Your Mindset Is Never The Reason Why You Are Not Making 100k+ Months?

I hate when I see brilliant service providers beating themselves up for not having achieved a particular goal with an investment that they made or, in this case, 100k months.

They try to talk themselves into making it happen by raising their vibration and getting into a positive mindset or creating a vision board and all sorts of manifestation tactics.

Hint: if you have to motivate or manipulate yourself into something that's supposed to be fun and you love doing, it's probably not awesome and not the thing for you.

Or has your mom ever convinced you to go to your favorite ice cream shop as a kid? 🍨

I guess not!

Maybe you know that about me, but I am a huge fan and cultivator of weightlifting, isometric strength exercises, and bodyweight training.

But about two years ago, after going to the gym for my regular 60-90 minutes exercise routine for years, I could no longer bring myself to get out of bed in the morning.

I tried everything. Several alarm clocks, alarm further away from my bed, so I had to get up, getting up later, eating first, and much more. Nothing worked. I spent some more time figuring out why that was, but that's not why I am writing this.

It took me several months and different approaches, exercise routines, personal trainers, and many more days of beating myself up for not completing a method to realize the simple truth that it just wasn't the right thing for me.

And neither was going to the gym anymore. My body craved something different, which is why I didn't see the progress I wanted.

I only realized when I found the right thing for me months later, and my whole body instantly relaxed into it.

After having completed the whole exercise routine, I felt so whole, challenged on a new level and relaxed at the same time that I was jumping out of bed again to get into my exercise routine.

💪 No manipulation or high-vibe motivation needed. ✌🏻

If something is for you, your whole body will let you know and create that new experience for you. Having that new experience is the only way to actually forming a new belief and changing your mindset permanently.

I know we've been brainwashed to mind-hack our way to 100k months if we only work hard enough on our healing or personal development.

As someone who has tried to visualize me out of hell and was brainwashed and beaten as a child, I can tell you that's not going to f*cking work.

Life is way smarter than we are. The only thing left to do is to get out of our damn way and let it do its job to gift us with a reality beyond what we could have ever imagined in our wildest dreams.

It's way easier to separate yourself and your state of being from the financial results you are looking to achieve in your business. Just focus on truly honing your craft and delivering exceptional service and experience for your clients instead of trying to make this personal and about your energy or mindset.

If I do the math, 100k months equals honing your craft, tracking results, articulating those outcomes better in your marketing, choosing the right clients who get the best results, and raising your prices.

With my approach, this means...
💸 If you are selling 2k offers, you'd be selling ten spots in your new 10k offer
💸 If you are already selling 5k+ offers, you'd be selling five spots in your 20k offer
💸 And if you are selling a 10k+ offer, you'd be selling two spots in a 50k offer or one spot in a 100k offer

All of these scenarios lead to a 100k month. And I promise, we'll never make you do any mindset work at all.

Because once you understand what you uniquely are best equipped to deliver, who the right client is that will get the outcomes you promise and how to articulate that in your marketing while giving away the exact how...

You'll see why your offer is truly worth charging that much for and are sold on it, which is when clients are really lining up to work with you, and you won't have to add fake urgency triggers to get them to buy.

The clients who are solely motivated by the vision and pleasure (not pain points) can't but send you a DM to inquire how they can work with you.

At PioneerU™, we only accept people who do the work because they love to accomplish their vision and don't need any hand-holding or ass-kicking, aka growing through pain.

I don't know about you, but we certainly had more than enough of the latter.

That’s why we are all about helping you to enrol 100k+ clients from PRESENCE.

"It’s the most holistic way of leading a business." Regina

Why and how does someone pay you $ 100k+ to be in your PRESENCE rather than the value you provide?

If you know how to assist someone not to waste the most precious commodity in life - their time - and you help them collapse years of searching, errors, and trial into months, they will gladly pay you 100k+.

For that, you need to have access to the most expanded and grounded vision that is available for that particular person to act on in this very moment, and you need to be able to give clear action steps on how to achieve this vision uniquely for that client.

I call this the holographic perception that allows you to see multiple realities at the same time so you can pull down what is accurate right now and your clients achieve the results in the shortest time possible.

You can’t fake that. Either you are in that PRESENCE, or you are in your mind.

Being in that PRESENCE is what the Ascended Wealth Mastery™ allows you to do. Once you integrate and master all Elements such as physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, relational, sexual, financial and creative, you have access to all the data because you have a conscious relationship with all of them.

When prospects come across you and have any interaction with you, they come home to that PRESENCE. Your field speaks more precise than any words because you are present in that holographic perception. Therefore they see and hear themselves, including the illusions they keep themselves in by just asking questions and finding the answers all by themselves.

My clients often say this: Ahh, I just got the answer by merely hearing myself asking you that question because of the clarity that your PRESENCE provides.

Imagine how much easier your life is going to be, if your PRESENCE does the coaching, selling and closing for you?

No more pushing, handling weird objections, or activating people into something that they are not yet ready to receive. Because if they are not yet ready to receive what you have to offer, they won't get results and the ones they get won't be sustainable in the long run.

To have access to the most expanded state of consciousness, you need to have access to your Creative Genius that is the Essence of the Artist within you.

The Artist within you does not create for outcomes. The Artist within you only creates for the pure pleasure of Creation.

Therefor all your offers must be created from that place if you want to get paid for your Presence as a Pioneer rather than the value you provide as an expert.

Only through your Creative Genius are you getting access to the most expanded Vision that propels your clients into excitement about that Vision.

Once they are excited about bringing that huge Vision into the World they no longer buy into their fear of not being able to accomplish that. That is the moment when their WHY to do it now and with YOU becomes bigger than their excuse. So they are happily paying you $ 100k+ for achieving this huge Vision and you won't even have to poke their pain points 😉

The Business Person in you takes care of the Expansion here on Planet Earth because with no money, there are no opportunities to pursue and no investments that can be made.

It would be best if you had both entirely on board and merged to not only expand in consciousness but here on Planet Earth as well.


"I made my multiple 5-figure investment back after just one call." Katelyn

What Happens When You Merge The Artist And Business Person In You?

Every Pioneer needs to merge these aspects fully to always be in a state of Expansion and take Actions from that place. 

If you only embrace and execute on the Business-Person, you end up being overly focused on success solely measured by numbers and the revenue you and your company are generating.

Most times, this leads to you running on overdrive and having a million moving parts to hit the deadlines for the numbers you have declared.

Your precious life-force is leaking all over the place, and you know that there is this creative part of you that just doesn’t get expressed.

After you’ve smashed every income goal, you wonder what now?

You are bored and not fulfilled. You pretend you are, but deep down, you know this isn’t your Legacy. It isn’t what you came here to create.

On the other hand, if you only express the Artist within you, you end up being overly creative and continuously coming up with new visions and ideas for your life and business and what to create next.

You are feeling high all the time and so on fire for your Creations. You sometimes stay up all through the night because you can’t sleep from the creative juices pumping through your veins.

You are always busy with something that is cooking, and some of your Creations make it to the light of day, and others don’t.

If they don’t, it’s because you end up sabotaging yourself and tricking yourself into believing that they are not ready for the World. You think that nobody will understand, it’s too early, not perfect and (insert whatever reason you come up with).

You are an Artist with many Creations and a loyal fanbase. You know how to give your audience, followers, and fans what they love most about you and your magic. But your bank account does not reflect the exquisite Beauty of the Creations you are putting out there.

So you only make money with your Creations if you have to. That might be when bills are overdue. Or worse, you don’t make any money at all and rather hustle a side gig.

Either way, you are royally f*cked because you know deep down you are meant for impacting Millions of people and changing the World with your Creations.

But how the hell are you going to do that? How do you honour and express both the Artist and Business-Person?

You know that when you express both that it makes you as unique as every Star in the Universe – that is a shining Masterpiece – a Work of Art.


Why should you even care to merge the two and create Works of Art rather than programs?

Pioneers are not here to fit their Creative Genius into a box to be an expert in a specific niche that can solve problems.

Pioneers are here to reinvent their industry and, ultimately Humanity that serves the Highest Good of all.

Everything that you’ve been doing to be an Expert at solving a problem in a particular niche does not work for you.

And that’s why you can throw the Sales- and Marketing advice from the best experts out and enter the game where Pioneer Sales™ are happening.

But first, you need to understand why clients pay you rather than an expert.

It’s not because they want a problem solved or because they need you to save them. To solve problems is just treating a symptom.

They come to you because they want to experience the freedom to create whatever they want to create.

Not because they deserve it. Not because they are high vibe. Simply, because its what they choose.

And if you can help a person in the process of disempowering the Basic Human Illusions, so they return to the consciousness that it is all a beautiful game. They don’t have to endure a life of pain and suffering that is keeping them small and acting on the dreams someone else has imposed on them.

But they instead step up and claim what it is that they genuinely want to create for the pure pleasure of Creation and not because they have to prove anything to anyone.

This is where we as Pioneers come in! 

Who Are The Pioneers?

  • Pioneers are the Stewards and Gatekeepers to the much bigger Visions that we as Humanity undertake.
  • We are years ahead in terms of the Visions that we see are coming to life and we are at the forefront of making them happen.
  • We are bringing them into the World congruently with our Evolution and all our elements on board - the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, relational, sexual, financial and creative Element.
  • We are setting up our business structures in the way that we also expand on Planet Earth so, we have the financial resources to invest in the projects, partnerships, and opportunities to bring about this shift.
  • We truly are maxing out the potential of our company and give back tremendously to finance the projects and inventions to reinvent Humanity and change the game.
  • We are always focusing on the Higher Vision to be in the state of Expansion so we come up with the courage to lead and call people higher.
  • "When life is handing us lemons, we don’t just make lemonade, we grow a whole new forest with lemon trees so everyone else can make lemonade as well." Tabita Dietrich

What Are We Committed To?

  • We are committed to your Evolution going from Self-Mastery, to Alchemy to Mastering the Art of Business where you honour and express the Artist and Business Person in you to being able to protect not only yours but the planetary Life-force and step forward as a Pioneer.
  • We want you to be in love with your Creations and collect consistently at least $ 100k every month from people who want to be in your Presence so they can take action with your guidance on the most expanded Visions they thought are years away to achieve.
  • We want you to have clients who with your help are collapsing the time of transformation in half whilst you are helping them to become genuinely free and achieving extraordinary results based on that Freedom.

Are you?


"Tabita, your work was just mind-blowing for me. I can’t say it differently. For the past two years I had to think often about what I experienced with you because this doesn’t exist a second time." Silvia Pia Meier

"I really know what I am doing now." Nora

Meet Tabita Dietrich, FOUNDER & PIONEER CEO

I'm Tabita Dietrich, an artist, a bestselling author and PIONEER CEO of three international companies that are here to help pioneers change the world.

Our business consultancy Pioneer Creations™ expands companies into stepping up as pioneer creations so they can reinvent their industries and create new market spaces instead of competing in an over-crowded market. 

Our e-learning platform PioneerU™ helps people become pioneers to be the leader they want to see in the world. That's how they cure the expert syndrome that caused so much suffering and pain. 

Pioneer CEO™ supports entrepreneurs to create autonomous multi-million companies without sacrificing their life force. This allows the CEO to retire and create more world-changing companies or projects.

When companies want to expand into their most audacious business vision but without the problems that come from leaking the companies life-force, they come to partner with us.

Our clients are INNOVATIVE and CREATIVE GENIUSES. They have WORLD-CHANGING missions and REINVENT their industries. They are the ones who step up as pioneers, become the true leaders in the world and call people and companies higher instead of complying with what everyone else is doing.

They also never fit into the box of becoming the best expert and dominate their space in a specific niche because the artist within them refuses to play by the traditional business rules.

It's what makes them unique, brilliant and fearless when they walk into the unknown and create the unimaginable. And it's also this gift that everyone else labelled as their weakness and said needs healing that is the brilliance that creates their world-changing impact.

We are so excited to launch PIONEER SALES™ for visionary, innovative and evolutionary entrepreneurs with audacious visions who want to raise their prices to 100k+ and enrol premium clients without objections or sales calls to have the impact they are born to make.

If you've achieved extraordinary results for yourself and your clients, but you hear the call that there is impact and success beyond what you can imagine right now, the #100KMASTERPIECE WARP SPEED will be the expansion you need for unimaginable outcomes.

Meet Jeremy Lasman Co-Host of the #100kmasterpiece Warp Speed Challenge

Jeremy is a PioneerU Mentor, the Founder of the Imagination Technology™, Dark Luxury Artisan, SuperConscious Accelerator, speaker, actor, and massive professional wrestling fan. He’s also known as The Professor of Passion, a mad scientist radically researching the Field of Passion, building on Albert Einstein’s work. 

What and how will the #100KMASTERPIECE Warp Speed Challenge deliver?

  • You are going to get the unshakeable confidence to deliver on the 100k+ program that you are going to create.
  • With this challenge you are going to bring your own Body of Work into the market place that is nourished by all of Creation and entails every part of you - your skills, creative Genius, supernatural Gifts, Knowledge, Wisdom, Experience, Vision, and Mission.
  • You are going to know each step of the program what the tangible and intangible results are that you are going to deliver to your high-achieving clients.
  • You are going to be 100% sold on your offer so that you can confidently enrol people into their Highest Vision with Integrity, Ease, and Creativity, and they happily pay you $ 100k+ without objections.
  • You are going to get profoundly activating Ceremonies, Rituals, and Prayers to come home to Presence, so you have access to the most expanded and grounded Vision that does all the Selling, Closing, and Enrolling for you.
  • You also receive the energetic principles that apply to a Pioneer to understand why there are new Principles that apply to a Pioneer like YOU.
  • You are going to create for the pure Pleasure of Creation and create your Work of Art that is nourishing you on all levels and creates financial abundance for you and your family without forcing or meditating your way into it.
  • You are going to disempower the Basic Human Illusions to no longer solve problems as an expert but rather collapse the time for transformation and results. That is how our clients make 1000% more than the previous year.
  • You are going to integrate the United Dance of the Creator and Creation, the Artist and Business Person in you so that you are creating and receiving constantly. This alone has brought the perfect matches together, helped my clients fall in love with themselves, their offers and the transformation they provide to sell it out.
  • You quit chasing after another certificate and instead own the true transformation and results you can deliver NOW and for that your favourite high-achieving prospects pay 20k to 100k+ on the spot.
  • You are going to use the exact enrollment process on a sales call and disempower the Basic Human Illusions with a prospect so they won't come with objections and instead confidently say yes to bringing their Vision into the World with you by their side.
  • You are going to understand exactly who to market your 100k+ Offer so that your Dream Clients know what you can do for them and become loyal Customers who bring amazing Referrals.
  • You are going to master cellular shifting posts that bring in between 10k to 100k+ from one post.
Katelyn Ruth I Soul-level Mentor Katelyn Ruth I Soul-level Mentor

I actually upped my prices after just listening to your free live-streams and sold 3 packages at $3300. That’s WAY more than I’ve ever felt comfortable charging before. (She is currently selling out her High-Level Premium Retreat and has made over $ 30k in revenue after one 1:1 call with me.)

Regina Ray I Founder Highest Level Intimacy Academy Regina Ray I Founder Highest Level Intimacy Academy

Thank you Tabita with all my heart that you are here! May many more people with your help completely change their lives and become the servants of their souls! (Collected multiple 5-figures and brought her own body of work into the world after years of looking at Gurus as the answer to all her seeking. Congratulations!)

What we'll teach you inside the video lessons with workbooks and live group calls: 

1️⃣ Cultivate A Conscious Relationship with All of Life 

  • You’ll learn that you don’t have to be the one holding space for your clients. You come home to deep Presence and have all of Creation come together to synchronize the Success of your Creations and your Clients effortlessly. To ensure that your Creation is deeply rooted in Mother Earth, you learn to co-create with Life itself and take deep care of yours and the planetary life-force, so you and your company become a force for a prosperous Evolution of all of Creation, not just another bottom-feeding exploiting problem contributor. 


2️⃣ Create and Sell Out Your #100KMASTERPIECE 

  • You’ll learn what your offer truly delivers and who is the client that will get results beyond what your program promises and in the shortest time possible. This allows you to get paid 100k+ for your presence and helping your clients expand their vision instead of being an expert that attracts needy clients who want you to fix their problems and save them.  


3️⃣ Collapse the Time to Create Your #100KMASTERPIECE 

  • This is a very crucial lesson where you’ll learn how to collapse the time to sign your 100k+ client and how to raise your prices to 10k, 25k, 50k and 100k+ and deliver the results and transformation in 6 months or less depending on your offer. 
  • Upgrade your Mind to Quantum Computing to Collapse the Time for Creating Results with Jeremy Lasman


4️⃣ Unleash Your Free Self-Expression for Boundless Creativity 

  • After you’ve smashed every income goal, you wonder what now? You are bored and not fulfilled. You pretend you are, but deep down, you know this isn’t your Legacy and you are an artist trapped in the body of a business person. Which is why this video will teach you how to break out of that self-imposed prison and unleash your creative genius within that creates without seeking external validation. 
  • Crank Up The High Octane Creativity with Jeremy Lasman


5️⃣ Create Your #100KMASTERPIECE On Purpose 

  • It’s easy to lose track and drown your company’s vision, mission and values in the noise of attempting to become the go-to expert and dominate your space. In this video you’ll learn how to create your #100KMASTERPIECE on purpose and expand into new markets and industries. 
  • Upgrade Your Brain to Increase the Performance of Your Big Data Performance with Jeremy Lasman


6️⃣ 8-Figure Truth Process To Enroll 100k+ Prospects 

  • The Basic Human Illusions - The real reason why someone chooses to work with a pioneer to achieve a big vision rather than an expert to solve a problem is because they want to return to the freedom to create whatever they want to create without having to prove anything to anyone. You can’t help someone create for the pure pleasure of creating and then massively monetize these creations if you act on any of the illusions outlined in this video. You’ll learn how to spot them, have a conversation and make a decision based on your truth without doing shadow-work, fixing yourself or meditating two hours. If you hit a wall, this process usually takes 10-30 minutes max.
  • Enroll 100k+ Clients Based on Our 8-Figure Truth Process That Is Rooted In The Activated Synchronous Vortex - If your offer is clear, does collapse time for your client, has proven results, and also explains in detail what this high-level client needs to know in your marketing, you’ll have no trouble closing that deal over a quick message back and forth with our 8-figure truth process. 
  • You can easily opt for the 100% conversion and delivery rate if you have all these elements in place that we cover in the #100kmasterpiece. If you state your prices during the sales process so that the prospect can make an informed decision, you also don’t have to lure them into a sales call with 30% conversion crumbs to reveal the price on the call and handle objections that only come up because your sales process did not properly pre-sell and qualify them. 


7️⃣ Cellular Shifting Posts to Sign #100KMASTERPIECE Clients Every Month

  • How I created A Single Post That Generated Over 6-Figures in Two Different Languages -This is a 24-minute video that walks you through exactly how to structure each paragraph to have your ideal clients stop scrolling and pay attention to your every word even though they have never heard of you before and reach out to pay you 20k+ for your presence. (This is what happened with the post outlined here.)
  • Cellular Shifting Posts to Sign #100KMASTERPIECE Clients Every Month - When you have complete clarity around what you offer, what happens each step of the way, what methods and tools you use, and the specific outcome, you can communicate it in your marketing and apply the framework to write cellular shifting posts like the one that brought in over 100k cash from a single post.  

Meet Daniella Astor of Love IQ

She is creating the next generation of power couples

What Do You Get Inside The #100KMASTERPIECE Warp Speed Challenge?

Please be aware that this isn't for you if:

  • You only want to be enlightened and High-Vibe and journal your way to Success rather than doing the Work and fall in love with the transformation you provide.
  • You want to work harder, hustle, push and grind instead of dancing the United Dance of the Creator and the Creation.
  • You are willing to quit and rather make your excuses bigger than going after your Vision of Freedom.
  • You are looking for a magic pill and a quick solution that will just boost your income without going deep and giving back to the inventions and projects that reinvent Humanity.
  • You only want to feel good all day long, chant affirmations and apply LOA instead of getting out of your comfort zone and making it about something so much bigger than you.
  • You rather get another certificate instead of monetising your knowledge, Genius, Gifts and Experience.
  • You want to increase your sales without taking the results of your clients equally important.

This is for you if:

  • Have a proven offer that already got results
  • You are ready to become the Pioneer and get paid 100k+ for your Presence
  • You want to create Works of Art and be madly in love with the transformation, results and services you provide for your clients.
  • Have at least a couple of success stories from clients who completed their journey of working with you
  • You are ready to invest in your business and take full responsibility for your results.
  • You are high-achieving, creative, an action-taker, enthusiastic and diligent.
  • You bring all your courage and decision to the table to stretch your comfort zone and make your next level Vision happen now.
  • You refuse to be a victim to outer circumstances and decide what you accept and won't accept as your reality.
  • You want the fantastic testimonials of your clients to increase as well as your bank account.
  • You are willing to dedicate 10 hours in the first week and 3-4 hours after that to implement the elements and ask for support inside the community..
Jolanda Maria I Transformational Coach

Tabita  helps me to realize my dreams, to put in words and to fill it in a vessel and to make it come true step by step. Tabita is tangible yet at the same time tactful, sensitive, warm and authentic. Although it is not a personal ‘one to one’ contact, I really feel that she is energetically and physically here for me. Thanks Tabita! Best regards, Jolanda

Bastian Ackermann I Founder Radical Force

Your work is remarkable. I have never experienced so many insights and findings in such a short time that make so much sense on a deeper level (ie the truth). The program is very intense but amazing. I definitely know to be on the right path.

Let's get crystal clear about what it really takes to enrol your first or next 100k+ client

  • You do not have to have all your shit together and the perfect magazine pictured life before you allow yourself to close 100k+ deals consistently.
  • You also don’t need to become an expert at whatever training and certificate you are implementing now before closing 100k+ Offers.
  • And you also don’t need to start from scratch just because you have left your corporate job or you are transitioning from another niche and decided to become a service-based entrepreneur.
  • You don’t need to have a huge following or email list.
  • You don’t need to spend years in one on one work before you can transition into group offers.
  • You also don’t need to work though more blocks and have more mindset shifts or even improve the relationship you have with money or master cellular wealth.
  • You don't need to have a perfect website. In fact most of my clients made multiple 5-figures without a website.
  • You don't need to have years of experience working hourly sessions.

You really only need these five things to close $ 100k+ Deals without sacrificing your Life-Force. Here is what those are:

  • You need yourself in integrity with all of you.
  • You need high-achieving clients who take responsibility and are committed to their success.
  • You need to have your 100k offer that you are 100% sold at.
  • You need to have the signed contracts or agreements.
  • You need to have the invoices paid so you can actually start the work with the clients.

Are you ready to take your Creations, Revenue and your Clients Results equally important and catapult everything into a new Stratosphere? Let's rock it! You can literally start today, get to work and make a decision, get the confidence in your delivery and offer and close your first client for $ 100k in 30 days.

Are these results you are looking to achieve NOW?

Manuela Cursaro I Transformational Coach Manuela Cursaro I Transformational Coach

If you are really willing to act and stay committed then Tabita is right for you. She has a loving nature and is always there for you. She doesn't let you get away with things that are not true. Which is very good. She shows you who you can be. I always felt cared for and safe with her. (Made her first 10k full pay sale.)

Catherine Godward I Transformational Coach Catherine Godward I Transformational Coach

I started Tabita's course just a few weeks ago, but through an exercise I dug up a lot of power that I have not had access to for a few years. Now the business is running and I'm on the go! Thank you! (Made $3300.- after the first module)

Your Remaining Questions Answered:

Q: I've been doing lots of other programs and haven't gotten sustainable results. How is this challenge different?

If you’ve been doing something consistently for a month and it has no tangible result yet, you most likely are not doing the right thing for you at the phase you are in.

For you to be consistent with generating leads and growing a highly engaged community that wants to buy your life-transforming 20k to 100k offer, you need 30-60 minutes for content creation and another 30-60 minutes connecting and building relationships. You should also schedule about 30 minutes for your spiritual practice. If you are doing more than that without tangible results, the data you are implementing is not the right one. In that case, you need to simplify.

What we help you with in this challenge is to simplify your content creation and distribution, reduce your community growth and engagement to only 15-30 minutes a day and clarify your offer as well as who is the best person to get the outcome and transformation that you deliver so you can clearly speak to that person and only that person.

We do that by helping you clearly understand your work and articulate it in your marketing. This erases any kind of hustle and grind that comes from wishy washy and unclear marketing that then attracts unqualified prospects. We also help you install a sales process with a 100% conversion rate. This saves you many hours per week. In the beginning you’ll need about 10 hours per week to set up the sales process and SOP’s. You can then get it to about an hour a day if you are not procrastinating and are very effective in working.

Q: How much time per week do I need to invest to sign my first or next 100k+ client?

We will help you to raise your prices to 20k, 50k and 100k and close pre-sold premium clients every month organically without objections or sales calls.

You need about 5 hours for the content and then 30-60 minutes per day creating content. You can replace doing sales calls with clear posts on Social Media where people reach out to you and you can enrol them over messenger or have them fill out an application.

That will also save you time that you would otherwise spend on sales calls. That way you can focus on growing your audience organically with 30-60 minutes a day and creating content for your paid offers and serving your clients. Once you sustainably make 100k months, we can look further into what you can implement from the program. No rush at all because you have a whole year access to it.

PLEASE NOTE: 10% of all our Sales go to our Foundation that helps Children unlock their full Potential and Rescue Animals get a loving home.

We reserve the right to refuse people who are not serious about their Evolution, Results and Revenue.

Questions? We are here to help!